Interview with Bleeding Through - Brandan

Bleeding Through frontman Brandan takes a few moments post soundcheck before tonight's show at Manchester's Jillys Rockworld, to chat to us about the tour, the bands and baseball...

Thanks for taking a little bit of time to speak with us.

"Thank you."

How's the tour going?

"So far it's been really good, we started out with a week in Europe, we did er?, two shows in Holland, 3 shows in Germany, and 1 one show in France and then we came up to the UK."


"Europe has been pretty good, but we kinda expected Europe to not be as good as the UK I think, cuz I don't think we get as much press out there, I just think Europe takes a little more time to get a little recognition, so, but as soon as we got to the UK it's been absolutely amazing.  We started out in London which was sold out, and then like, it's groovy cuz we've played a few places a lot of bands don't tend to go to like Swindon, Preston, and areas like that, and both of those shows were incredible, so I have nothing bad to say about it at all."

Then you head back over to Europe right?

"Yea, we play tonight then we are in Norwich and then Newport before we go back to Europe."

I was wondering how you found the vibe in the UK Hardcore scene?

"Oh, it's pretty much the same as in the states.  In Europe it's different, it's like when we play Holland everyone is really polite and sits there with their arms crossed, and just kinda watch, Germany kids get into it, France, erm, yea France we have a lot of work to do, but the people there are really nice, and if we keep on going back we'll start to like make some kind of impact, but the UK is just like the states.  I think it's because of the promotion and publicity in things like magazines is exactly the same, and the music is out there for people to discover, and I think the mentality of people going to the shows is pretty much the same."

I've come down from a place called Middlesbrough, which although we don't see a lot of the bigger named bands coming to play, there is a pretty good hardcore scene, and some of the shows have been fantastic with a couple of hundred kids flying about in the backroom of a pub or something.

"Sure that sounds great, I'd certainly take 200 kids at a hardcore metal show versus a couple of thousand people"

That does almost lead onto my next point, do you miss playing some of the smaller hardcore shows?

"Yea I do, I definitely do miss playing those shows, and I think in the states we really do miss them cuz our shows have to be bigger cuz more than just hardcore kids like us, but we want it to be everywhere, but in the UK and Europe it's like we are almost starting over you know, we are playing the smaller places.  Even though this place is pretty big, it will still have the intimacy of a hardcore show I think, most places in the US have a pretty big barrier and all that kind of stuff so..."

It's good in one sense, but not so good in another?

"Yea it's one positive for another"

Tonight you've got a up and coming local band The Nothing opening for you, have you had many new bands playing with on this tour?

"Yea I hadn't really heard of them before, but they are sounding pretty good from what I've heard.  We had a band in Scotland called Allergo open for us the other night, and they were pretty good actually, and a band that were really good in Preston the other night called, erm......(long pause for thought), yea they were called For My Anger, so we have definitely played with some good bands here though.  You could tell they have a good future coming up for them and I've heard of November Coming Fire but I haven't heard any of their stuff but they are supposed to be pretty damn good."

If there was any band, past or present you could tour with, who would it be?

"It would be the original Misfits lineup I think, that would be awesome, that would just be the best show ever.  We did get to play a few shows with Danzig in the states where Doyle came out and played a whole bunch of songs with them, and they played about 11 Misfits songs, so we were lucky enough to get on a couple of their shows."

That must have been pretty good.

"Yea it was awesome!"

What do you think you would be doing if you weren't a mega rich rock star?

"Hahahaha, well I'd probably be much better off in my old profession of playing baseball"


"Yea in high school I was being recruited by colleges to play, but I kinda give it up to play music."

Is it kinda like football where you get a scholarship and then work to get drafted in to a team?

"Yea you pretty much go to a college, then you work your way up through a minor league system, then you get picked up by the pro's.  But I actually got drafted right outta high school in the later rounds by Canadian team the Montreal expo's, but they are called the Washington senators I think now."

But you chose music?


I don't blame you.  Is there anything that you or the band are really looking forward to this year?

"After this we are going home to start work on the new record, so we are really looking forward to seeing how this stuff sounds on tape, and demoing some songs coz we really love writing with each other, we want to go and see what we are made out of you know.  I think people are going to be really pleased with the new record, some people might be turned off, but that's with every release, but I think the new record is going to be the true form of what Bleeding Through are about."

I was wondering what was the last album you bought, and was it any good?

"Ermmm, the last album I actually bought was the Keane record."

Keane?  Was it good?

"Yea, fuckin' amazing, the guys voice is just insane."

Cool, and finally, if you could have a superpower, what would it be?

"Jeez man, errrmmmm...................being telepathic I guess, I would love to know about things that are going to happen, or, I would love to know what people are thinking."

Like a little voice in your head?

"Yea, I don't know if you ever saw that Mel Gibson movie?"

What women want?

"Yea, I would love that power!"

(c) 2005 Richard Doney